Get Rid of Mice or Rats for a Healthier Safer Home

rat and mice control

Of the many, many pests that could possibly infest your home and harm you and/or your family, mice and rats are the most common. There is any number of problems with having these pesky rodents in your home and some of them are rather costly.

Rats and Mice Can be Fire Hazards

Your house has several wires running through it; for the electricity to go through from one end of the house to the other and even phone and internet network lines. Rats often chew through these wires causing all sorts of mayhem in your home. One moment the electricity could flicker in one room or something could go wrong with an appliance somewhere else which is very annoying. Worse still, such damage to your wires could start a fire. One can only imagine what it means to replace every single stick of furniture in your home, not to mention the danger such a scenario poses to you and those you live with.

Vermin Can Be Harmful to Your Health

There are a number of very serious diseases associated with ingesting and/or inhaling rat droppings or urine including Hemorrhagic Fever, Lassa fever, Leptospirosis, the Plague, Salmonellosis and even the Hanta Virus. To avoid the lethality of some of these very serious diseases and the cost of medication and treatment, you want to get rid of the rats and mice infesting your home.

When looking for a pest control service, make sure you find one that will get rid of the rats effectively and in an eco-friendly and humane manner. Human skin is sensitive to chemicals and more so for your young ones.

Some of the chemicals used to get rid of rats could not only be harmful and irritating to the skin but could also be harmful if inhaled for long periods. Make sure the pest control company takes precaution in a situation like this. Do your research well and keep your home safe and sanitary with the best mice and rat extermination company that will use the safest methods for protecting your home.